Saturday, December 17, 2005

I Survived Zombie Claus 2005

Photo credit: John BairdIt took a lot of guts and wit, but I managed to dodge the zombie horde that struck downtown Ann Arbor last night. Never in my life have I been so terrified. I mostly hid like the sissy I am, but a few brave souls got close enough to take pictures and Greg even filmed some of the ghastly goings-on. (His video should be up as soon as the free hosting site we uploaded it to puts it online.) Truly a bone-chilling experience, in more ways than one.

Thanks to everyone who expressed concern and asked me if I was all right. I'm shaken, but it's nothing a few beers can't fix.

Update: Another brave videographer has posted his footage online. (Warning: It's a 145-meg file!)

Update 2: Greg's scary footage is now online here. It's a more manageable 12 megs, but is in Windows video format (.wmv).