Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Stupid Beer News: Thanksgiving Edition

Note: It's the Thanksgiving Edition only because it's near Thanksgiving, not because any of this crap is actually related to the holiday.

If memory serves, Flying Dog tastes like ass (unless I'm confusing it with something else), but the name of their Sin City festival, Beer and Foaming in Las Vegas, is freakin' awesome.

The Internet is causing some Trappist monks great consternation, as more and more drunken slobs cop to the fact that the brothers brew some great stuff.

Some enterprising dude has taken Google's maps program to suss out where beer (or wine or liquor) is available for real-time purchase in Toronto at any given hour. Unfortunately, the Canucks have some really backasswards Soviet-style liquor laws, so this is not as impressive as it sounds. But it's a cool idea.

And finally, shouldn't this have been Bud Light?