Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Stupid Beer News is back with a couple overdue items (thanks Verd and Greg).

You thought the NEA funded some weird "art" in the United States? Well, this woman in Japan got taxpayers to foot the bill so she could get plastered on beer. Who knew I was creating art every night I got home from work and passed out under a table?

I've given up the idea of writing 50,000 words on my novel this month, but I could always try this alternative to NaNoWriMo: NaDruWriNi, National Drunk Writing Night. Er, wait, that's every night.

Finally, I can combine drinking beer with helping restore New Orleans: two things I love. Thanks, Abita! (Also, dude, reminder: Mardi Gras is February 28, so that means MG party here on February 25; mark your calendars, dammit, and details to come closer to the day.)