Monday, September 26, 2005

Should I Be Worried?

Ex-Ann Arborite "Lisa" has this to say about yours truly on her Nashville-based blog:

Suds and Soliloquies seems to tread a nice line between local news and national news, seriousness and humor (not always a given in a politically-aware Ann Arborite!). I felt like Dave (the author) represents Ann Arbor residents well, and reading his blog is the next closest thing to having lunch with an Ann Arborite in the flesh.
I bet the woman I saw driving the minivan with the "Ann Arbor Native -- Right From The Start" bumper sticker would probably beg to differ with my A2 street cred. (As an aside, I wonder if that woman means to say she is roughly 180 years old?)

Indeed, if I were to be a true Ann Arborite, I would probably have to have my sense of humor surgically removed, start wearing "Che" t-shirts, and affix another 20 bumper stickers espousing 20 different cutesy, liberal (and contradictory) causes célèbres to my truck. Not to mention not drive a pickup truck in the first place.

At any rate, thanks to Lisa for the hat tip. I'll continue to monitor myself closely for any further signs of my increasing Ann Arborness.