Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I Eat Brains, Therefore I Am

It's good to see that while other people fret over zombies' propensity to eat the flesh of the living, there are some more philosophically inclined folks pondering the epistemological difficulties legions of the undead would pose (for example, that damn "other minds" problem). A taste (of brains?):

The usual assumption is that none of us is actually a zombie, and that zombies cannot exist in our world. The central question, however, is not whether zombies can exist in our world, but whether they, or a whole zombie world (which is sometimes a more appropriate idea to work with), are possible in some broader sense.
Which leaves us with the ultimate philosophical question: What's scarier -- flesh-eating animated corpses, or the fact that someone at a major university took the time to write a scholarly paper about zombies?

(Thanks to Greg for the link.)