Thursday, September 22, 2005

Back Online (For Now)

My home Internet connection has functioned the way it's supposed to -- i.e., it works -- since last night, so I'm taking advantage of that fact to do some online catching up. I have a feeling this is only a temporary development and I'll still need to get another lazy/clueless technician out here to lie/scratch his head over the cable problems I've been having for the past month. Most people seem to know this already, but Comcast pretty much sucks as a company. Anyone who had a choice switched from using them, which I guess says it all, eh?

In other personal news... as mentioned, I got my truck back today and it's quite a relief. Not being able to drive where you want, when you want is a serious handicap, even in more-walkable-than-other-Southeast-Michigan-cities Ann Arbor. (Although the mechanic I went to is a matter of blocks from my apartment, so I was in fact able to walk over from home to pick my truck up.)

I also received the court documents from my attorney friend today; the post office's "priority" mail managed to travel the two hours' distance with the package in only four days! I guess it was a low priority. Anyway, the plan is to file my defense, motion for change of venue, and countersuit alleging defamation with the court tomorrow. This stupid suit could end up costing me big or costing them big or both. Either way, thanks to my friend I'll put up a fight and happily look for other ways to make trouble -- Better Business Bureau or what-have-you. I think it's going to become an ongoing side project for me to try to cost this company as much as possible for messing with me, and I admit to a vengeful thrill at the idea. Any of yous out there with nasty (but legal) ideas for how I can accomplish this worthy goal, please feel free to let me know.

And finally, I know no one reads this blog because they care about my stupid personal problems, so here's a link (via Verd) that combines two of my favorite things: booze and zombies .