Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Service and No Service

Well, I've tried to blog a couple times recently, but for some reason my Internet service keeps randomly going out for hours at a time every night. The good folks at Comcast don't seem to know why, so tomorrow I get to leave work for a few hours to come home and try to figure out what time the service dude is going to get here.

And speaking of service, the collection agency sent after me courtesy of my former landlords in Midland is trying to serve me with a court summons. Luckily I'm never home during the day, and lately I haven't been home at night much either. I hope I don't have an unwelcome visit from someone else tomorrow.

In fact, I'd like to begin my hate campaign now against All State Management of Lansing, Michigan, the owners of my former apartment complex and the biggest bunch of fucking assholes I've ever encountered. Coming soon to an Internet near you: a detailed negative review of this asshole company on every site that rates apartment complexes and the people who run them.