Friday, August 19, 2005

Apartment for Rent, Like, Now

The moron who has been screwing around the last two weeks saying he wanted my apartment after I move out backed out on signing a lease yesterday... right after I signed the lease on my new place. Which means, thanks to this dipshit, I'm now stuck with two leases less than two weeks before I move.

So now it's time to appeal to my vast readership and see if anyone is in need of, or knows anyone in need of, a swell one-bedroom apartment in the Old West Side (specifically, Third St. near William) to move in to the first week of September. Here are the specs and selling points:

  • Approx. 550 sq. ft., third-floor, one-bedroom apartment with good-sized storage cage for your golf clubs and other junk you never use
  • $680/mo. rent includes off-street parking, gas heat, and water -- only electricity/AC is extra (my bill has averaged around $28-$30 a month)
  • Coin-op laundry facility downstairs
  • Five-minute walk to downtown, 10-15 minute walk to central campus
  • Small balcony for drinking beer outside on warm days
  • It's in an apartment building of 10 units, but the building itself is in a nice neighborhood of historic old houses and stuff
  • Landlords are local, cool, and responsive
  • Quiet neighbors (the building is brick and steel so it's nearly impossible to hear anyone else anyway)
  • Bedroom is large -- I have room for a queen bed, two dressers, a bookshelf, and my computer station -- and the closet is quite sizable too
The only real drawbacks are that the kitchenette isn't exactly huge (which since I can't really cook hasn't been much of an issue for me) and there is no separate dining area. You won't be hosting any big parties here, but it's a nice place for one person at a good rent for the area.

If you're interested, you can reach me here or email dmb at beer dot com, or contact the landlords directly at Michigan Commercial Realty, 734-662-5500 (web:, -- reference 439 3rd St. #8).