Thursday, August 05, 2004


So here's the "me" update for anyone reading who I don't talk to regularly:

My dinky new apartment in Ann Arbor became available Friday, July 16. I moved a few things over by myself on Saturday, expecting to do more with Steve's help on Sunday and Monday. However, on Sunday, the pneumonia I had somehow contracted began springing into full bloom and I was pretty much bedridden until Wednesday, when it became obvious that I didn't have the flu and it wasn't going away.

So it was off to the doctor, who took a chest x-ray and then promptly sent me to the ER at Wyandotte hospital, which became my home for the next six days. I enjoyed fabulous cuisine, exquisite antibiotics (administered intravenously), and charming company in the form of a roommate who snored louder than even my dad, who I once believed held the record for world's loudest snorer.

After being released, I was told (and my lungs confirm) that I would not be able to exert myself much for potentially the next month. Which, of course, complicates my original plan of moving things into my apartment (up two flights of stairs, no less).

In the meantime, I continue living out of a suitcase in my parents' house and commuting to and from A2. And speaking of that, I could talk about my job and stuff, but since I'm *at* my job now and probably should, in fact, begin doing it, I'll save that for later.