Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Thank God the Tiki Bar Is Open

I broke up with my girlfriend about an hour ago. I guess I should feel really sad and upset right now. And sure, part of me feels just that. But as it happens, my overwhelming feeling is just resignation.

I'm 33 now, and if we start my so-called "dating years" at 18, that works out to 15 years as an eligible bachelor. Out of those 15 years, I've had 3 years of actually being with a girlfriend. Which leaves 12 years of being a lonely single dude. So by now, I'm really accustomed to being by myself. That's certainly not all bad, but I worry sometimes that I'm destined to become a "confirmed bachelor," which is to say, an increasingly weird dude who fills his life with eccentric hobbies and is the subject of speculation about whether or not he's gay.

Well, anyway, now I'm consoling myself with the free copy of John Hiatt's "The Tiki Bar Is Open" that I scored at work today. Ok, so I'm not really a John Hiatt fan, but I'm definitely a tiki bar fan. And besides, it was FREE, asswipe!