Friday, June 04, 2004

Pack-a-Thon 2004

...commences this weekend. So far I have about a dozen big boxes packed up, accounting for about half of my books. Since I'll unavoidably be moving into a much smaller apartment (or Steve's house), I'm guessing most of these poor books are going to stay in boxes for a while.

I'm dreading packing up the kitchen, with all the breakable beer glasses, dishes, absinthe-ware, and so forth. Not to mention minor appliances.

But alas, the inexorable March from Midland must go on. Lawyers. Shady apartment management companies. Frustrating HR people. Inhospitable rental costs. Lots of tiki stuff, books, African masks, and assorted gewgaws. Somehow it will all have to work out by June 28.

So, anyone wanna hang out in Ann Arbor next Saturday, helping me look for the Ultimate (Cheap) Downtown Apartment, in between stops at Ashley's/Grizzly Peak/Arbor Brewing/Etc., etc.?