Saturday, April 17, 2004

What Me Work?

So I haven't gotten as much done at work this week as I needed to, owing to my obsessive preparations for a certain... uh, something I won't mention in public but which both of my regular readers already know about anyway.

I brought a ton of work home with me this weekend to make up the lost time ("You spent HOW many hours to write ONE [product name deleted because I don't want someone from Dow Legal to find this site on a search engine] tech article???"). But as it turns out, it's warm and beautiful outside, so here I am on the balcony sipping a beer and pretending for a little while that I don't have so much damn work to do.

Bring on more weather like this, I say! And maybe this spring will bring better things for me. Hmmm, spring... bring... things. How poetic.