Sunday, February 08, 2004

I Love IMDB Reviews

Some creative user comments about a couple of films I recently viewed (Dr. Cheese has weighed in on them as well):

Badly written, badly edited, and (if I may be so bold) badly acted, "The Order" is the black hole of film - a movie so dense not even the slightest bit of entertainment could escape from its event horizon of suck.

Some wonderful words about "Cabin Fever":

My friends and I spent an afternoon watching this movie (and the DVD extras) and were in a constant state of awe. Initially we expected the worst, but were horrified, shocked and appalled throughout, wondering how in the world anyone would let a movie as horrible as this be created, spawned, forged from the dregs of Satan's vomit.

And finally, this ringing endorsement of "House of the Dead":

The only analogy i could come up with for ... releasing this film, is a 400 lb man eating 8 dominoes pizzas, 4 bags of cheetos, a tub of crisco and 10 lbs of chili, then running into the bathroom..and following a thunderous explosion, inviting the world in to see the remains!

So you can see I spend my time well....