Wednesday, January 21, 2004

White Trash Neighbor Update

Today I came home for lunch and happened to bump into the cleaning lady, vacuuming the carpet in the hall. She sees me, stops vacuuming, and asks if the motor scooter chained to the stairs is mine. I've seen that thing there for the last two weeks or so, and told her that. She says, "Yeah, I figure it's probably theirs" and points toward the door to White Trashdom (which of course has two big bags of garbage propped outside of it). She goes on to say that the scooter can't be in the hall like that, because if one of the handicapped, ill people who live on the ground floor ever needs to be carried out of the building by paramedics, that shit will be in the way. I mention something to the effect that I don't like the White Trash people, and run through my litany of annoyances with them. She interrupts me when I mention their habit of banging their door open and closed at all hours and says the tenant below them has complained about that same thing. She also says she's going to tell them to quit leaving their fucking trash out in the hall and throwing cigarette butts on the carpet.

Of course, the maintenance guys have been standing right outside my door pounding on something all evening -- apparently they are replacing the door to the White Trash Palace for some reason. I hope they're bolting the bastards in or something.