Wednesday, March 26, 2003

"Outed" at Work

So now I've been exposed at work as an anarcho-Catholic-right-wing wacko. That is to say, I've begun the long process of acquainting a curious coworker with my deep and convoluted opinions on man, economy, and state (with God thrown in for good measure). In fact, at issue now is the whole "government is ordained by God" idea, which is derived at least in part from St. Paul's biblical admonition that Christians dutifully submit to the state.

While I'm not exactly known for "in-your-face" civil disobedience, being a nonconfrontational sissy, I don't really subscribe to the notion that an institution as dangerous and destructive as the state is God's own handiwork. I mean, indirectly I suppose it is. It's also true that all the evil that exists in the world does so with God's sufferance, and he will end it in his own time. But I don't think it follows that Christians or others need to be doormats for the nonce, or that they ought not protest injustice when they see it. Of course, I'm not particularly well versed scripturally, but as I've encountered the "state ordained by God" argument from a number of Christian friends (usually Protestants), I suppose I ought to work on a more systematic answer to it.